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Sandale Dock Brochure

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Sandale Utility Products is a manufacturer of HDPE Pipe docks. HDPE pipe is flexible and abrasion resistant. The pontoons can be placed on sand, gravel and rock. It is lighter weight than most products which makes for easy removal. Our pontoons can stand up to extremely cold weather. Ice will not damage them. HDPE is UV stabilized which means our pontoons will not be affected or breakdown with exposure to sun. It has a minimum lifespan of 50 years. It is not affected by chemical or petroleum exposure and does not support biological growth. It can be used in salt or freshwater. It can flex and bend with ease in rough waves. It will not dent and in the unlikely event of a puncture it will remain floating. HDPE pipe will float even if filled with water. HDPE will not break down over time and is environmentally friendly.


We can build almost any type of float. Our HDPE dock has a minimum ½” wall thickness on pontoons and 1” thick on structural brackets and gussets. They are designed to keep all the wood out of the water to avoid rot. We butt fuse our end caps to the pipe with the most precise butt fusion equipment available. We extrusion weld the entire perimeter of all brackets and gussets. We only use corrosion resistant hardware for our connection points from the HDPE brackets to the wood beams. Generally stainless steel or galvanized is used and with a minimum thickness of ¾” to ensure the strongest connection. We only use treated structural grade Douglas Fir for our cross members. This ensures a long lasting connection from HDPE structure to the wood deck.

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