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Sandale provides a wide range of McElroy products to ensure your project goes smoothly. [su_button background="#c22312" link="/quotes"] Contact Us For More Information [/su_button]...
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Fusion Services

Sandale’s Fusion Technicians have all undergone an extensive training regime with our fusion equipment partners. They receive constant updates on new equipment and procedures as these come available. Our fusion technicians are also qualified to machine troubleshoot and repair equipment to keep your job on schedule and on budget. Custom weld procedures, fusion logging/tracking along...
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Fusion Rental

Sandale keeps a wide range of fusion machines on hand for your rental convenience.  We also have Dataloggers, shelters, chain saws, pipe stands and generators available.  For a small fee we will also send a certified fusion technician to your site to do your fusing work for you. Sandale rentals a wide variety of McElroy...
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